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Kristian Steenstrup

Professor, Trumpet

Employed at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus in 1993 and since 2013 as Professor.

Educated at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus and at Northwestern University in Chicago with Vincent Cichowicz and Arnold Jacobs. Diploma exam in 1992.

Steenstrup has done workshops in Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, USA, Brazil and Israel

He has recorded the CD’s Pieces de Concours vol. 1 + 2 with the pianist Maria Eshpai, Cappricio and Danish Music for Trumpet and Piano with the pianist Eriko Takezawa. He is the author of the books:  “Teaching Brass”, “Blow your mind” and ”Deep Practice – Peak Performanc: The Science of Musical Learning” and the research article Imagine, Sing, Play.

Deep practice – peak performance
Imagine, Sing, Play