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Cesar Joaniquet

Teacher, Saxophone, Ensemble Teaching

Cesar Joaniquet was born in Barcelona in 1988, but he has lived in Denmark since 2012. He is a saxophonist and composer and actively participates on the European jazz scene. On a daily basis, he plays with the Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and is also a member of bands such as Songbook, Mads Lacour Almugi, Zero Kestra etc. He has also composed works for larger ensembles such as Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, St. Clemens Boys Choir and Blood Sweat Drum and Bass.

Cesar graduated from Berklee College of Music, ESMuC (Barcelona) and has the Advanced Postgraduate Diploma from RAMA. He appears as a new voice on the improvisational jazz scene, rooted in the jazz tradition, but full of contemporary influences. Cesar has a sound that is lyrical and at times orchestral.