KONSert Aalborg – næste generation


Chromehorse is electronic infused shoegaze rock
Christian Thomsen/Toke Skadhauge, Jarl Kaad, Henrique Carvalho, Dániel Varga

Anton Torin
Anton Torin inviterer publikum med på en musikalsk rejse i en ung mands op- og nedture i kærligheden.
Med sit forførende guitarspil og fængende tekster, fører Anton Torin lytteren ind i sine historier, der bliver bakket op af pop/rock melodier og et energifyldt band.
Anton Torin med band.

Emilie Fleig
Emilie Isabelle is a young artist and vocalist from the south of Germany. Her relation to music is characterized by its intimacy and rawness, underlined by a mature musical intuition and instinct. As the style and depth of emilies compositions is as widely spread as the branches of a tree, they are always centered in the roots of emotion, a playful use of harmonic colors, the unique voice of the artist and her manner of storytelling. Mostly accompanied by the piano, emilie invites us during her performance to sink deeper, to get in touch with the versatility of sensation a human life holds, all embedded in her outstanding stage presence. Being driven by a simple love for words, her songs are written in German, English as well as her own language.


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