Join us for an early evening prelude to Trio Bohémo’s concert as two young piano-cello duos, both consisting of students of Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, fill the stage with their joy of chamber music.

In this short concert, delve into the rich musical heritage of Iceland with a performance of “Variationen über ein Isländischen Volkslied” by Icelandic composer Jórunn Vídar. Through this piece, cellist Katrín Birna Sigurðardóttir and pianist Albin Axelsson offer a glimpse into the cultural and folkloric tapestry of Iceland, highlighting its unique musical traditions and lyrical nuances.

Following the Icelanding overture, listen to the profound depth and emotional resonance of César Franck’s Cello Sonata, a cornerstone of the cello repertoire, performed by cellist Roser Ramos Talamantes and pianist Zsófia Persányi. With its lush harmonies and melodic richness, this sonata unfolds as a timeless exploration of human emotion and musical expression, showcasing the technical prowess and interpretive sensitivity of the performers.

Join us for this short pre-concert event, where emerging talents pay homage to the classical tradition while paving the way for new artistic interpretations

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