Koncert med Curious Chamber Players, der spiller værker af tre komponiststuderende fra Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium: Catalina Lazurca Miłosz Kowalewski og Niklas Brandenhoff.


(kjʊərioʊ )
Word forms: plural curios

A curio is an object such as a small ornament which is unusual and fairly rare.

…19th of January, @20:00

 Synonyms: collector’s item, Lary and Penates, 4 songs for Clementine, Environmental Artifice nos.1-3
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Catalina Lazurca
(born December 13, 1989) is a Romanian-born singer-songwriter. Her songwriting, artistry, and entrepreneurship have influenced popular culture and the music industry, and her life is a subject of widespread media coverage.

She is currently studying her Master’s in Classical Composition at The Royal Academy Aarhus, with teachers Niels Rønsholdt, Juliana Hodkinson and Marcela Lucatelli. Her works have been awarded internationally multiple times, and are described as being very “personal, tender and fragile.”

About the piece by Lazurca: Catalina says about her upcoming collaboration with Curious Chamber Players that “it’s a collection of songs celebrating the honor of recently being named Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year. The songs are based on recent diary entries about this experience, with themes related to love, dreams, loss and feminist empowerment.”

Miłosz Kowalewski
Born in 1999 in Gdańsk Poland Miłosz Kowalewski studied composition at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk, the Academy of Music in Łódź and the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus with Niels Rønsholdt, Juliana Hodkinson and Marcela Lucatelli.

He is interested in creating his own instruments, combining them with electronics and intermedia activities. His portfolio includes versatile productions – compositions of electroacoustic pieces, for movement performances, performance pieces, art installations and animations. He is a member of the Polish Electroacoustic Music Association PSEME.

His works have been exhibited at national and international events – Days of Electroacoustic Music in Rethymno, Crete; Warsaw Autumn Festival of Contemporary Music; Paris Photo Festival; Ravekjavik International Festival of Electronic Music and Visual Arts; MUSICA MODERNA Festivals at the Music Academy in Łódź; Klaipeda Carillon Festival in Lithuania, among others.

About Kowalewskis new work he writes: The piece I’m working on is about my relationship to sound objects – unusual, small or handmade instruments that are a vehicle for my memories. Sounds that seem meaningless on the surface have a personal value for me. They remind me of situations and interpersonal relationships that are linked to the origin of these objects.

Niklas Brandenhoff
was born in the year 2000, in Kalundborg. He is currently studying a Master’s degree in classical composition at Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, where his teachers are Marcela Lucatelli, Juliana Hodkinson, and Niels Rønsholdt. Niklas is a member of the group “Efterskrift” together with August Frey Lydersen Bjerregaard and Sebastian Brix. Some of his works have been played on SPOR festival 2022 in Aarhus, MINU festival 2022 in Copenhagen, and UNM festival 2023 in Oslo.

He works with concepts as well as the contexts of readymade/found materials. (For now) he includes scores, video, sound recording, bodily performance, and spoken text in his work. He is interested in qualities of ‘less’ as well as social and material conceptions of “nothing”.

About the piece by Brandenhoff: For Curious, I would like to open up the concert space. To literally open the door to the outside and create circulation of air – music. ‘Where’ is music possible and how is musical ‘material’ produced and legitimized by this ‘where’ (fx. historically)? And what is then possible ‘There’?

Arrangementet er gratis, og du kan bare dukke op uden billet. Kom gerne i god tid.

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