Niels-Ole Bo Johansen/Erik Kaltoft: The French Connection

This CD comprises music of the composers: Axel Jørgensen, Axel Hildingsen, Hilda Sehested, Walther Schrøder and Joachim Bruun de Neergaard.

These were composers who all had another profession besides composing. Jørgensen, Hildingsen and Schrøder were all musicians. Sehested was actually the only one who, since she was born into a wealthy family, could be qualified to be called an independent composer, although she also worked as a nurse and an organist. Joachim Bruun de Neergaard was trained as a lawyer.

The works of these composers are more or less forgotten today with the exception of the “Romance” and “Suite” by Jørgensen. The pieces were when written already a bit outside the mainstream, since they all were composed in the shadow of Carl Nielsen, who with his unique style set standards this music cannot meet. These composers wrote in a completely different idiom, clearly inspired by the works for the instrument that Hansen had acquired in Paris.

This does not mean that these pieces are not worth listening to, or that they are outdated. On the contrary, they represent a light and elegant style excellently suited for the instrument, not in the least because they were composed in close cooperation with Anton Hansen, whose clever guidance one can sense throughout the pieces.

Axel Jørgensen: Romance Op. 21
Axel Jørgensen: Fantasia Legende
Axel Jørgensen: Legende
Axel Jørgensen: Melodie ”Le soir”
Axel Jørgensen: Suite Op. 22
Axel Hildingsen: Romance
Axel Hildingsen: Legende
Joachim Bruun de Neergaard: Romance
Walther Schrøder: Andante Cantabile
Hilda Sehested: Morceau Pathetique
Hilda Sehested: Morceau Symphonique

Recorded and produced by Henrik Winther summer 2017 in Musikhusets Lille Sal.