Original Danish Works for Trombone and Organ

A limited repertoire

The repertoire for trombone and organ is quite limited. The constellation, however, offers many possibilities, especially regarding sound and dynamic expression since the trombone is one of the few acoustic instruments that can match a full concert organ as well in dynamics as in tone colours. Thus, it is important that new pieces are written and made available for trombonists and organ players around the world.

A long history

Since 1984, trombonist Niels-Ole Bo Johansen and organist Ulrik Spang-Hanssen have performed regularly as “Embedsmandsduoen” (The Civil Servant Duo) in churches and other venues where a concert organ is available. Over the years, the duo has performed and recorded a number of original works written for the duo by prominent Danish composers. The works have been developed in close cooperation with the performers, often with the aim to develop novel playing techniques for the individual instruments and explore new possibilities in the constellation.

New original Danish pieces

The new album consists of works written by Morten Ladehoff, Poul Ruders, Ole Schmidt, Bendt Fabricius, Lars Hegaard, René Mortensen and Erik Bach.

The program
Morten Ladehoff: Vexelsang
Poul Ruders: Double Entry
Ole Schmidt: Sonate for trombone and organ – in 3 movements
Bendt Fabricius: Two pieces for bass trumpet and organ
1. Dies Irae – Tuba Mirum
2. Requiem Aeternam
Lars Hegaard: Two Landscapes
1. Hymnal Landscape
2. Nocturnal Landscape
René Mortensen:
1. Fanfare for en ny dag
2. Fanfare for det usædvanlige
Erik Bach: Toccata

Se Niels-Ole Bo Johansens poster fra DJMs FoKu-seminar 24. april 2020