RAMA hosts international string festival for new music

New Music for Strings Festival 2021 will be held from 13 to 19 August in Aarhus and Copenhagen, with RAMA as a partner.

Under the theme “Remote connections”, the festival holds five public concerts and two public lectures. The theme refers to the fact that we are living during a time of unprecedented disruption and isolation due to the ongoing pandemic. Existing networks of communication have been disrupted, and new ones have arisen in the virtual space. The past seems more distant than only a year ago, and the world is more polarized than ever before, with communication and mutual understanding requiring unprecedented levels of effort to bridge the gaps.

The New Music for Strings festival brings together Scandinavian and American approaches and traditions. The festival creates an interdisciplinary space for new music for strings, where playing technique and compositional challenges fertilize each other. Composers and musicians will interact with and inspire each other while working on different aspects of playing technique and composition.

The festival is aimed at talented conservatory and university students and at external professionals. At the festival, they work together across the board, and the public is invited inside through the public concert and lecture program. See more details about this year’s festival here.


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