Status of artistic research

Among other things, it’s about a recording of an organ concert with an orchestra in Sønderborg and an organ in Aarhus; and about how inspiration from the Middle East can lead to brand new music through studies in the Middle East and the use of exiled musicians from Syria; and about how Japanese martial arts can optimize playing techniques and expression on the marimba.

All this and much more can be read in the electronic yearbook 2018 from the so-called KUV-network (network for artistic research) consisting the art school relating to the Ministry of Culture. The yearbook was published shortly before Christmas 2018 and brings articles from the four Danish music conservatories, the visual arts schools, the performing arts school and the film school. RAMA (The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus/Aalborg) contributes with six project descriptions.

KUV stands for “Artistic Research” and covers many different artistic projects such as new works, new recordings, new approaches to artistic development etc. In 2012, KUV was defined by the Ministry of Culture as artistic projects, with a publicly available result which is accompanied by a reflection on both process and presentation. In recent years, ongoing work is underway to raise the quality and sharpen focus on the research and development work at the art schools. The KUV yearbook documents part of this work.

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