RAMA at SPOT Festival

True to tradition, the Academy presents its own program at this year’s SPOT Festival on 16-17. September in Aarhus.

A total of eight soloists and bands with students from the Academy play between 16:00 and 24:00 on the Academy’s own stage: Klubscenen, Music Hall Aarhus.

“We can hardly imagine a SPOT program without RAMA showcasing the large talent pool that can be found among the students at this recognized educational institution”, writes the SPOT Festival on its website.

The audience will experience great musical diversity and a high level among the Academy’s students, with artists and bands that in these years influences the sound of Aarhus.

It requires SPOT admission to get into the Academy’s concerts on Klubscenen.

SPOT Festival is held at several venues in Aarhus and presents the latest trends in Danish and Nordic pop/rock and electronic music. Among the audience are bookers, managers and other music industry professionals, looking for new talents.

SPOT holds over 200 concerts and events during the festival, and in addition to hundreds of performances from the most exciting upcoming bands and artists, the festival also includes films, presentations and much more.

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