Online symposium at International Center for Knowledge in the Arts

Online symposium

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts invites all interested to participate in an online symposium on networks in and through artistic research. The symposium extends over two days on Wednesday and Thursday 28-29 October at 10-16 and offers a number of presentations, discussions and Q&A under the heading: Coherence, Diversity and Networks in Artistic Research.

Everyone can participate via a webinar link that will be published on the center website www.artisticresearch.dk. However, the working sessions at the symposium are only for registrants from the seven partner institutions behind the center.

The Center for Artistic Knowledge and Development (Center for Kunstnerisk Viden og Udvikling) was established earlier this year by RAMA and the other artistic educations under the Ministry of Culture. The center will develop and strengthen the collaboration between the research and development areas of the artistic educations. The center works i.e. with building a common portal and an interdisciplinary language for artistic research and development, which can manifest itself in i.e. PhD programs, publications and seminars, both nationally and internationally.

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