Online RAMA concerts on Facebook

Like all other musicians, the students at the music conservatories also suffer from the extensive shutdown of all concert activity. That is why RAMA is now arranging a number of audience-free live concert streaming’s via the Academy’s Facebook page. So far, 6 concerts are planned until the end of March.

It is an absolutely crucial part of the students’ educations to play real concerts. Partly as exam preparation and especially as preparation for the life that awaits them as professional musicians. It is far from enough to be good at playing – you also have to master the art of standing on a stage and conveying your musical message to an audience. It requires practice and is just as important as practicing scales.

In addition to the teaching, it also has great personal significance for a musician to meet his audience directly. And these are real live concerts, it is not film production, although there are several cameras. It is absolutely crucial that both the musicians and the viewers experience that they are for a real live concert.

All online concerts appear from the concert overview here on the website.
The broadcasting of the concerts is handled by the technical staff at the Academy.

The Academy has a permanent agreement with KODA on payment for rights at the Academy’s concerts. In connection with the online concerts, the agreement with KODA has been extended to also include streaming.

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