New partnership agreement with genre organization Strøm

The Royal Academy of Music has entered into a partnership agreement with Strøm, which is a genre organization for electronic music, partly supported by Danish Arts Foundation.  Both programmes at RAMA for electronic music, the composers program DIEM in Aarhus and ELM, Electronic Sound and Music in Aalborg, see good opportunities in the new partnership.

Recently, Strøm has entered into a similar agreement with the Danish National Academy of Music, and together with RAMA, also University College South is a partner in the new agreement, which will create networks and bridge educations, students and the electronic music environments in Denmark.

The aim of the new agreements is to strengthen electronic music as an art form through talent activities, knowledge sharing, development work and various analyzes. In addition, the focus is on creating exchange and close dialogue between the educational institutions and the labor market for electronic musicians and sound designers, so that students are given the best conditions to conduct themselves professionally in the electronic music and production environment.

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