Corona virus: All concerts/events and all attendanse for tuition at RAMA is cacelled

RAMA follows the authorities’ recommendations on coronavirus closely.

Latest news 15 May – slow reopening:

Like the universities the Academy partially will open again from Monday, 18 May, slowly and under controlled conditions, for practice and for teaching, but only where the teaching or practice requires physical attendance.

Examinations, including exam concerts, are partially canceled, postponed until August or rescheduled for online performing.
The Academy’s other concert activity resumes at the earliest until September.

Latest news 1 May – start-up after the summer holidays:

– Week 35: Intro week for all new students at BA 1 and MA 1 and for new international students.
– Week 36: Start date for regular teaching for all students: Monday 31 August.
Further information will follow.
(Subject to change, depending on the development of the corona crisis.)

Latest news 7 April:

Following the Prime Minister’s latest announcement on 6 April, the closure of all activities at RAMA’s two addresses in Aalborg and Aarhus has been tentatively extended until Sunday, 10 May. In addition to cancellation of concerts etc. the continued closure will have consequences for exams. Students and staff will be notified directly about the completion of exams as decisions are made.

Latest news 23 March:

Today, Monday noon 23 March, a press conference was held in the Ministry of State. Here, the government extended the closure of many functions and institutions in Denmark.

Therefore, the Academy is now extending the closure of all activities at our two addresses until Monday 13 April. All staff and students should not attend our two educational sites in Aarhus and Aalborg, and all activities are canceled, whether it be concerts or other types of events.

Latest news 20 March – especially for students:

Read about COVID-19 and SU here.

Latest news – 11 March:

The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, will close down all activities immediately.

Wednesday evening 11 March a press conference was held by the prime minister of Denmark.

The consequences of the announcements at this press conference are the closure of a large number of functions and institutions in Denmark.

At the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, this means that all activities are closed down with immediate effect.

This closure will initially apply for 2 weeks until Friday 27 March. This means that employees and students from now on will not have to attend our two educational places in Aarhus and Aalborg. Also, it means that all activities are cancelled, whether it be concerts or other types of events.

The academy must consider what educational activities could possibly be continued online. There will be regular updates when there are news to report. We will keep the website updated as regularly as possible, and please check your academy e-mail regularly.

Please contact principal Claus Olesen if you have any questions.

We refer to the official guidelines and information from the Police regarding the situation.


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