Debut Concert – Agnė Pasaravičienė, piano

With this concert, Agnė Pasaravičienė makes her debut from the soloist class at RAMA, Aalborg.

Agnė Pasaravičienė is a Lithuanian composer and pianist who blends modern jazz and contemporary classical elements in her compositions and performance style.

Pasaravičienė creates music for various instrument setups, including solo piano, chamber duo with piano and double bass, and a modern jazz quartet, all of which will be featured in this debut concert.

In recent years, her compositional work has garnered recognition in international music composition competitions, and her music has been selected for inclusion in the annual “Jazz from Lithuania” compilation record for two consecutive years, highlighting her among the country’s top jazz artists.

Recently, Agnė Pasaravičienė received an honorable mention in the Lithuanian press: “Agnė Pasaravičienė is a highly convincing pianist and composer, who enjoys taking inspiration from bright musical ideas, motifs, and illustrations, which she further develops towards grand culminations, aiming to tell important and exciting stories.”


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