Festival of the Century – Trio Nordlys

Trio Nordlys plays in the Nordic jazz tradition with its special aesthetics and connection to Nordic folk music and hymns. The two composers, Jon Askjær and Lasse Damgaard Andersen, have just been on a student exchange in Norway and Iceland and will talk about their experiences and connect them to their music.

Jon and Lasse tell about the concert: “The exchange has given us a new perception of where we belong and has made the North smaller and more united for us. On the one hand, we want to talk about our experiences of living in other places in the Nordics – tell about differences and common denominators – and on the other hand, we want to express it in music, written during our stay and inspired by the wider Nordic culture we have become attached to. Musically, our music has a crystal clear thread to what is known throughout the world as Nordic jazz.”

The trio with the somewhat unusual line-up of trumpet/flugelhorn, saxophone/clarinet and bass released its debut album in February and will expand for the concert with, among other things, erhu and percussion for a sextet.


Jon Askjær, trumpet & flugelhorn
Lasse Damsgaard Andersen – saxophone & clarinet
Harald Hagelskjær – double bass
Thit Helbo Møller – percussion
Magnus Munk Tækker – pedal steel & guitar
Zhang Yu – erhu

This concert is part of Festival of the Century by Folkeuniversitetet, with the theme: The North

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