Diversity Charter

New charter on diversity

Together with the other higher artistic educations under the Ministry of Culture, the Academy stands behind a new charter on diversity. In a joint press release from the principals, it appears that the art schools will increase their focus on equal access to and equal opportunities for higher artistic education, and that the art schools consider diversity as a creative and qualitative potential.

Acting principal of RAMA, Keld Hosbond, states in connection with the charter that it is a direct extension of RAMA’s current work with a Values and Behavior Guide, which RAMA’s committee for diversity and equality and the working environment committee published internally earlier this year.

Collectively, the principals state that increased diversity in the arts enriches and develops the overall artistic and cultural life with a far greater diversity of artistic expressions and voices. In addition, they state that increased diversity among students, teachers, staff and in the curriculum can be a resource and a creative potential for the art schools, which can both strengthen the quality and relevance of the educations.

The charter lists a number of objectives for e.g. recruitment and curriculum and for the development of specific measures to counteract unconscious barriers and biases in relation to areas such as admission requirements, entrance exams, assessments, exams, hiring and evaluations. Correspondingly, the institutions undertake to work with language use, norms and cultural traditions.

The charter is a joint declaration of intent for increased efforts in these areas. It is up to the individual schools how the specific initiatives are to be implemented. As part of the agreement, the art schools will regularly take stock of the efforts to ensure progress and a continuous focus.

See the entire charter here.

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