Development project realized at Aarhus Festival

At RAMA’s traditional Aarhus Festival show, professor of composition and conducting of Big Band and large ensembles Jens Christian “Chappe” Jensen presents a concrete result of his work with the artistic development project: “The Electroacoustic Experience” – orchestral music in newly developed electronic context.

The project aims to experiment with new strategies for composition, improvisation and instrumentation for large orchestra and with the involvement of advanced electronic sound processing. The overall purpose is to develop new electro-acoustic concert forms, in which the acoustic music (though preferably amplified via PA systems, etc.) and the electronic music are directly integrated into each other. The project is supported by funds from the Ministry of Culture’s fund for artistic development (KUV).

The process runs by investigating and testing various forms of interdisciplinary collaborations with established artists, composers and students. And that is exactly what happens at the Aarhus Festival show on August 31 and September 1, where up to 60 students from all the Academy’s educational lines play and sing Chappes new piece “Surround about Rosie”, with electronic composers Wayne Siegel and Søren Lyngsø as soloists. Read more about the Aarhus Festival show in the calender.

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