Conference in collaboration with the School of Performing Arts

Together with the Danish School of Performing Arts, RAMA invites to “Kunstpædagogisk Forsamlingshus” on 7 January 2021 in Musikhuset Aarhus. More and more music schools are becoming cultural schools, which is why a crystallization of an art pedagogy across traditional art boundaries is becoming increasingly important.

The conference examines different approaches to artistic practice, e.g. a playing or an experimental approach, and takes a closer look at artistic processes and how artistic practice can enrich the pedagogical work with art.

Among the speakers is composer and music pedagogue Østen Ore, who has worked with children / young people and music for many years. Ore has extensive experience in setting artistic processes into a pedagogical context. The participants also meet the author Leonora Christina Skov, who in her artistic work largely uses herself and her own life as artistic material and thus adds an existential element to the artistic process.

More info about the conference here (in Danish). The registration deadline is 2 November. Because of corona restrictions, there is only room for 200 participants. A waiting list will be created.

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