Avantgarde aus Dänemark

The German choral magazine Chorzeit brings in its January issue a great article about the RAMA Vocal Center at DJM in Aalborg. The article extensively and enthusiastically reports on the teachers and the many different disciplines at the center, both on the independent master’s program in Rhythmic Choral Leadership, and on the various forms of inspiration courses and continuing education, including the possibility of being in constant dialogue with the teachers in Aalborg around his own domestic choral work.

The physical framework is also very positively mentioned, and overall the article describes the RAMA Vocal Center as the place to go to learn from the best in pop and jazz choir. The author of the article works as a music educator and choir leader in Berlin and has a master’s from RVC. She is helping to establish educational programs inspired by RVC in Berlin and Cologne.

Chorzeit has 25,000 subscribers and a circulation of 30,000. The magazine is also published online (1.09 Euro) and is aimed at everyone active on the German cross-scene, in all genres, with news, events, tips and other relevant for organizers, choir leaders, organists, educators, etc.

Read the article from the January 2020 issue.

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