Artistic collaboration behind interactive ARoS exhibition

Thursday 25 June is the official opening of a new, interactive work at ARoS Art Museum, created in collaboration between the Academy and The Danish National School of Performing Arts.

With this work, Academy student Anna Oline Friboe completes her undergraduate project. The work is the culmination of a cross disciplinary collaboration between a group of students from the Academy and from the National School of Performing Arts, established by Anna Oline Friboe. Students from both institutions have exchanged skills, methods and reflections from their respective disciplines.

‘At a certain point this will no longer be this’ is a quirky invitation to look at the artistic practice as something we all do to create a sense of meaning in our existence. Being an interactive work, the audience at the exhibition will move through three rooms and they will be activated along the way. The work is a study and materialization of conditions in which something is transformed into something else from a zero point.

The work is open to the public from 25 June to 12 July, with normal fee to ARoS. Thursday, 25 June, the official opening will begin at 5.30 pm, with a short live performance (6 pm) and artist talk (6.30 pm-8 pm). The exhibition is a collaborative project between ARoS and the two educational institutions and is also supported by the Culture Administration of the Municipality of Aarhus, and the Danish Musicians’ Federation.

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