Singing together with 1100 km distance

The Finnish choir Kipinät and the Danish choir Livsværk organizes a joint concert in Denmark and Finland at the same time, Tuesday 14 May at 7:00 pm. Partly in Jyväskylä University’s Seminar Hall, and partly at the Academy’s Vocal Center in Musikkens Hus in Aalborg.

They sing together via a special internet connection and can follow each other on a big screen. The repertoire is modern jazz/pop vocal music and improvisation. There is access for the public at both addresses, and the concert is also streamed online.

The Danish choir Livsværk is conducted by Liv Lund Poulsen, who is studying innovative choir leading at the Academy in Aalborg. Here, professor Jim Daus Hjernøe has for many years gained experience with and developed tools to make choirs sing together across great distances, without audible delay of the sound.

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