“Rørelser” – new podcast series from the Danish art schools

Together with the other Danish art schools, RAMA is creator of a completely new podcast series, which shall communicate the knowledge produced at the institutions.

The podcast series “Rørelser” takes the listener inside the Danish art educations to meet the people who work and study here: What is essential in their artistic practices, research and everyday life, and which connections take place in a broader sense between the educations and the outside society?

“Rørelser” is scheduled to be released eight times a year with four episodes in the spring and fall, respectively. The first episode has just been released on all podcast platforms and is titled “Digital Consequences”. The episode digs into what it means to work digitally with art – can digital material have a physical form? And can a digital interface convey human emotions?

In this first episode, the listener meets Mia Ghabarou, who studies electronic composition at RAMA in Aarhus. Mia creates electronic music on computers but is also looking for opportunities to get her body and her sensuality incorporated into the music. In addition, the listener meets Honey Beckerlee from the Academy of Fine Arts’ School in Copenhagen. Honey works with sculptures of electronic waste and of materials related to digital technologies.

The episode “Digital consequences” can be heard and downloaded from the website www.rørelser.dk, where the upcoming episodes will also be posted. Here it is also possible to subscribe to the upcoming episodes via Apple, Google or Spotify.

“Rørelser” is produced by The Lake Radio for the seven art schools under the Ministry of Culture: The Danish School of Performing Arts, the Royal Danish Academy of Music, the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus Aalborg, Danish National Academy of Music, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, the Danish Film School and RMC – Rhythmic Music Conservatory.

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