RAMA in extended project in Mali

13-14 January there is again “SPOT on Mali” Festival in Mali’s capital Bamako. “SPOT on Mali” is a large music festival that has been built up over a number of years with inspiration from the SPOT festival in Aarhus and with help from RAMA.

The festival features musicians from different musical traditions and from different ethnic groups in Mali.

“SPOT on Mali” is part of a larger Danish development project, which aims to contribute to the process of peace and reconciliation in Mali through artistic capacity building. Since 2010, RAMA has been a key partner in the project, i.a. in the form of a bilateral agreement between RAMA and the Danish Embassy in Bamako for the period 2017-21. The agreement has been renewed and extended for the period 2021-25.

Through the many years of engagement with Mali, RAMA’s own students and teachers have benefited greatly from having direct access to the rich Malian musical culture.

More details here (in Danish).

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