Palestinian cooperation

In connection with a current tour to Scandinavia as well as Germany and the Netherlands, the Palestine Youth Orchestra gives two concerts in Denmark, one of them in Music Hall Aarhus on August 11 at 7.30 pm. The visit to Aarhus is based on a long-standing collaboration between the Academy and the Edward Said Conservatory in Palestine, where the orchestra was founded in 2004. For many years there have been several exchanges and joint projects between the two music academies.

PYO consists of musicians from 13 to 26 years from both Palestine and neighboring countries and even from Europe and the USA. The orchestra has a very versatile repertoire of both Arabic and Western music, and many of the musicians are trained in both traditions. Over the years, PYO has excited a large audience on tours in Europe and the Middle East.

On the current tour, PYO plays both Wagner, Bizet and Tchaikovsky as well as Arabic symphonic music of both a little older and completely new date. In addition, a song soloist contributes with a number of Arabic songs. Read more.

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