Online conference on gender balance in music education

Together with Malmö Academy of Music, Sweden, and with Department of Popular Music, University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway, The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, is behind the online conference GENUS 2021 on gender balance in music education. The conference is managed by RAMA, but all participation takes place via Zoom.

The conference will take place online on Monday and Tuesday 1 and 2 March, both days at 10 am to 3:30 pm.


The conference is aimed at all students, teachers, and leaders in music education in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Other interested parties are also very welcome to register at the conference. Participation is free.

Registration is now open via the website. Registered persons also participate in break-out rooms with group discussions, etc. It is expected that all participants take an active part in the group discussions at Zoom.

Registration deadline: 22 February!

Content of the conference

The purpose of the conference is to develop and share experiences with practical tools that can help to make the gender balance more equal in music education.

The conference is part of the multi-year GENUS project, where this year’s conference focuses on the gender balance at pre-conservatory level, i.e., at music schools and MGK courses (conservatory preparatory courses) and up to the conservatories’ entrance exams.

The conference alternates between joint presentations, panel debates and group discussions. Among other things, a presentation on what we actually know about diversity among children in music education; and on experiences from two Nordic conservatories in ensuring a more gender-balanced admission procedure.

There will be panel discussions on, for example, the relevance and effect of music camps exclusively for girls and on the importance of role models; as well as discussion groups about, for example, learning environments at the music schools.

There will also be live music, i.e., with four teenage girls from Aalborg, who in addition to playing with their band will also share their thoughts on being young, female musicians in 2021.

The practical

More info about content, speakers, schedule, etc. on the conference website and Facebook event. Up until the conference, there will be still more info, debate and knowledge sharing on both Facebook and Instagram.

Zoom link to the conference will follow later.

The organizing group behind the conference consists of both students, staff, and leaders from the three conservatories behind GENUS 2021. This construction gives a unique platform for sharing experiences all over the Nordic/ Baltic region about gender balance in music education.

The same three music conservatories were behind a similar conference in Kristiansand in 2019. The GENUS project is supported by the Nordplus collaboration, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ mobility and network program for the education area.

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