New collaboration with music shools

The Academy’s department in Aalborg has initiated a completely new collaboration with Music and Culture Schools in Northern Jutland, which offers the students traineeships with experienced music school teachers. The traineeships will give the students a clearer picture of the opportunities in the music schools, and they will meet a reality they do not encounter in the traditional “rabbit practice” at the Academy.

The students can choose shorter intensive courses or follow the music school lessons over a longer period. Time has been set aside for sparring and guidance meetings. It is the Cultural and Music Schools that organize the programs.

Study leader at the Academy in Aalborg, Esben Elvstrøm, hopes for a long-term collaboration. In the new study plans, the overall vision for the students is, among other things, increased teaching skills in both solo and class teaching. If the traineeships becomes a success, this new opportunity can be more formally written into the study plans.

Latest edition of the journal The Music School brings a large article on the collaboration. Read the article here (pp. 16-19).

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