Masterclass with Rod Stewart singer

Lucy Woodward is an excellent American soul, blues, rock, pop and jazz singer. She has huge experience, from world tours with Rod Stewart and from recordings with Celine Dion, Chaka Khan, Snarky Puppy, Carole King and Joe Cocker etc.

Thursday 9 May, there is an open masterclass for at the Academy in Aarhus with Lucy Woodward. There is free admission at Klubscenen in Musikhuset Aarhus from kl. 3.00 pm. – but registration is required via this link.

In the masterclass Woodward shares her vast experience both in singing technique and in her extensive knowledge of the music industry, which she has managed to make a living of for many years; e.g. about won and lost record contracts, about work on voice over for Disney movies, about recordings etc.

After the master class at RAMA, Woodward continues on a Danish tour to among others Horsens, Holstebro and Copenhagen.

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