”Soundscapes of the sea”

Lights and sounds of the 20th century

The evening will be based on two great works of George Crumb: Vox Balenae and his Solo Cello Sonata.

Vox Balenae is a great innovative piece written in the 70’s for three “masked” players (cello, flute, piano) in a blue lighted room. The piece explores many new ways of playing the instruments that will take you into an unknown musical world and soundscape, and together with lights and amplification the piece recreates a feeling of being sorrounded by whales (Balenae) in the dark blue ocean.

The Solo Cello Sonata is one of his early works, where you can already feel all the drama and great sensitivity that distinguish the composer in the spectrum of the 20th century artists.


Sarvin Asa – Cello
Sofia Ericson – Flute
Emma Arent Roesgaard – Piano

Come and join us in this journey!

There will not be tickets for this concert - please come early.
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