Panoramafestival – Sound Healing Session with Kaninen A Bunny Shack PopUp

Panorama Festival is the annual in-house contemporary music festival, hosted by the composer’s class. At this festival you will experience experimental music in many forms including contemporary chamber music, performance pieces as well as electronic and multimedia music.

After saying hi to the beautiful city of Aarhus on the streets of the inner city (12:00-14:00, streamed online) while promoting Panorama Festival, Kaninen A Bunny Shack PopUp invites you to this Sound Healing Session.

It’s a Bunny Shack PopUp!!!
Kaninen has moved in to room number 107 at Royal Academy of Music in Musikhuset Aarhus, level 1.

Come and join me as we destress from this weeks drama and busy schedules. Leave all you’re problems outside and step into the healing space of The Bunny Shack PopUp and I, Kaninen, will give you a Sound healing session that will boost you’re positivity for a happier life.

The session takes 15 minutes and is for one person at a time. Write in the comments section at the Facebook event to be signed up for the Sound Healing Session with Kaninen A Bunny Shack PopUp. (This event will will be streamed online, all participants will be filmed.)

Program for Panorama Festival 2022 at Facebook.

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