In Between: Soloist Concert – Marianne Sihvonen, flute

Marianne Sihvonen studies flute at the soloist programme at RAMA.

Marianne about the concert:
In this concert I am exploring new sounds with the combination of flutes and electronics in search for my own unique artistic identity. During the past years the use of electronics have taken me closer to this goal and have helped me to start creating my own music. I am excited to share a part of this process to you as well as some works that have been an inspiration to me!

Furthermore it is the first performance for the exceptional and forward looking flute duo, MoMa, in Denmark. The duo combines improvisation, electronics and virtuosic flute playing in their music that they have closely created together. The duo recently won a scholarship at the renowned contemporary music summer course in Darmstadt.


Felipe Lara: Meditation and Calligraphy (2014) for amplified bass flute
Juhani Nuorvala: Ruoikkohuhuilu (2014) for alto flute and electronics
MoMa (Molly Påhlsson and Marianne Sihvonen): In Between (2023) for two amplified flutes and tape
Kaija Saariaho: NoaNoa (1992) for flute and electronics
Marianne Sihvonen: Eana (2023) for flute and electronics


Marianne Sihvonen, flute and electronics
Morten Elkjær, electronic
Molly Påhlsson, flute

Marianne Sihvonen is a luminary flutist from Finland who is passionate about giving a voice to the works of living composers. She has premiered several new works by a new generation of composers, such as Sunleif Rasmussen, Ylva Fred, Ville Raasakka and Lauri Supponen, and is continuously working with new ones. Marianne is also a dedicated environmentalist. As one half of flute and guitar duo, HΛV, with the Faroese guitarist Alvi Joensen, she brings attention to various environmental issues in Nordic countries.

She has intensively toured around Northern Europe and performed in venues including Moderne Mandag concert series in Metronomen in Copenhagen, Nordic House in Tórshavn, Estonia Concert Hall in Tallinn, Malmö Live and Inter Arts Center in Malmö, Sibelius Museum in Turku and in several operas at the Alexander Theatre in Helsinki. She is currently pursuing Master’s in contemporary music performance and composition (CoPeCo) at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon, and the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. She is also enrolled in the flute soloist diploma programme at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus Lena Kildahl Larsen as her teacher.

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