Soloist Concert – Dan Hjorth, piano

Pianist and composer Dan Hjorth studies at the soloist programme at RAMA.

UDBRÆNDT is the title of soloist student Dan Hjorth’s latest project.

Through 5 compositions and collective improvisations, a story is told about losing one’s footing and fumble to find a place in uncertainty. The music is performed as a cohesive piece lasting approximately 45 minutes.

The idea behind UDBRÆNDT is to explore whether it is possible to harness some of the energy found in reactive emotions such as despair, anger, and frustration, and transform it into something beautiful, unifying, and valuable.

The music is performed by a stellar ensemble of musicians from various corners of the Danish jazz and improv scene.

Dan Hjorth – Piano/Compositions
Sarvin Asa – Cello
Jacob Djursaa – Guitar/Effects
Niels Munk – Trumpet/Flugelhorn
Tobias Andreassen – Drums

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