Panoramafestival – “All Good Things Must Die”

Panorama Festival is the annual in-house contemporary music festival, hosted by the composer’s class. At this festival you will experience experimental music in many forms including contemporary chamber music, performance pieces as well as electronic and multimedia music.

“All Good Things Must Die”

Tomheden får mere og mere krop og bliver til sidst det eneste vi har at klamre os til i erindringens impotens.
An emptiness that grows and grows until it is the only thing left we can cling to in the impotence of memory.


How sweet it is to bask in sunlight (2020) – by Sebastian Brix
Total serialization study (2022) ¤ – by Niklas Brandenhoff
Alt godt må dø (2022) ¤ – by Sebastian Brix
1/12 Requiem (2022) ¤  – by Niklas Brandenhoff

¤ : Premiere

Advarsel: Indeholder nøgenhed, hentydninger til sadomasochisme og død.
Warning: contains nudity, references to sadomasochism, and death.


Tilnærmelsen af det smukke gennem nærværets absolutte nulpunkt. Fremkaldelsen af det tabuiserede, det ildesete og det patetiske.

‘Efterskrift’ består af guitarist August Frey Lydersen Bjerregaard, komponist og sanger Sebastian Brix og komponist Niklas Brandenhoff.


Approaching the sublime through the absolute zero of intimacy. Exhuming the taboo, the ill-seen, and the pathetic.

‘Efterskrift’ consists of guitarist August Frey Lydersen Bjerregaard, composer and singer Sebastian Brix, and composer Niklas Brandenhoff.

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