GLOMUS Camp 2022 – GLOBAL Dance evening

Come and dance with dancers from the camp who will lead the audience through both Nordic folk dance and African dance.

Danish Folk Dance

Have you ever tried to dance Danish folk dances? If not (and even if you have) here is the chance to try it out. It’s great fun and it’s easy to be part of. You don’t need a partner, just come as you are. You will be introduced to circle dances, polka and more.

Nicolaj Wamberg on the double base, Lotte Kielberg on the accordion and Miriam Kielberg on the violin will guide you through the dances. They are all three experienced dancers and musicians with roots in the Scandinavian folk scene and they are looking forward to sharing their passion with you.

Short intermezzo

– with Lena Gregersen, teacher at the RMB-programme at The Royal Academy of Music, a program with focus on playing and singing and dancing.

Tanzanian Folk Dance

Kasheshi Makene will introduce you to the Mapigo saba/seven beats dance from the Western part of Tanzania. It is an energizing, purifying dance from the Waha ethnic group. It will lighten and brighten your mind, soul and body through singing and dancing.

The dance was born from a famous dance called Ubhusambele. It is an energetic dance and friendly for all kinds of people. You don’t need any skills in ngoma, which means dance, music and any kind of art form. Come you all, let’s have fun.

Kasheshi Makena is a percussionist, vocalist, trombonist, dancer,lyricist, teacher and composer. Makena is the last member to officially join Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble in 2019, although he had been working with the band on and off for several years already. Makena leads his own musical groups, Kasheshi Makena and the Bhutula Band, Musase quintet and is a member of vocal improvisational group AITO Collective and Shameless Shongololo along with other varying works as a musician and music teacher based in Finland from Tanzania.

GLOMUS Camp 2022

The event is a part of GLOMUS Camp 2022.

GLOMUS Camp 2022 is organized by GLOMUS (Global Music Network), which is an ambitious network for proactive music and art academies from around the world. The Academy is a co-founder of the network, which includes 25 partner institutions from all continents. This is the first time GLOMUS Camp is being held in Scandinavia.

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