EU Jazz Lab concert

Young Jazz Students Across Borders

European JazzLab is a unique collaboration between the academies in Aarhus, Hamburg, Groningen, and Birmingham, which started in late March 2022, with a workshop in Hamburg. Subsequently, there have been concerts in Groningen and Birmingham.

The band will reunite at Aarhus Jazz Festival and possibly expand with students from Finland and Sweden who participate in the Nomazz program – a Nordic collaboration between Aarhus, Helsinki, and Stockholm.

The students will work intensively on preparing for this concert during the first four days of Aarhus Jazz Festival

In other words, some of Europe’s best jazz students are gathered at the Royal Academy of Music for Aarhus Jazz Festival.


Paul Beskers (a-sax), Mark Hurrell (t-sax), Christian Kiely-Charalambous (trp), Gytis Girdauskas (trb), James Coni (g), Dimitrios Karkoulias (p), Rosalind MacDonald (b), Chris Rockeman (drm) (DK/UK/LV/DE/UK)

There will not be tickets for this concert - please come early.
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