Duo Dan/Nie: Double Vision

The contemporary and experimental Duo Dan/Nie (pianist Fei Nie and violinist Sofie Thorsbro Dan) collaborate with three students of the composition department at the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. The concert is a presentation of new compositions written for and workshopped by the duo. In addition to music for violin and piano, you can expect prepared piano, video, electronics, music on music and staring contests.


Jacob Ridderberg: Blitz
Rapid movements.
Artificial illumination.
Objects made still.

Matthew Grouse: Keep still, the city can see you
This music is leaving and arriving and still, perfectly still. It’s new smells and keeping shtum and thawing and planting its roots whilst never quite settling. In some ways this music is stares and smiles and cement and solace and being unknown, known, noticed and unnoticed but it’s also adrift, opening, afraid, fumbling, learning, car horns, remembering, feeling connected, detached, staying put and deciding whether pigeons look different here or not.

The chaconne in d minor by Johann Sebastian Bach, transcribed by Johannes Brahms,
transcribed by Niklas Brandenhoff
Transcribing a transcription and failing to do so.

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