Debut Concert – Sarah Owens, trumpet

With this concert Sarah Owens, trompet, makes her debut from the soloist class at RAMA.

Sarah says: “I’ve assembled the programme over the last year to create a fun, challenging and special combination of works that naturally express my musical tastes. I’ve loved having the opportunity to explore how the trumpet fits into new settings and I hope that you’ll also love the outcome of those explorations.”


Vivaldi: Concerto for Two Trumpets (ca. 1720)
Peter Østergaard: Foreign Home, for Trumpet, Cello and Piano (2023)
Deborah Anderson: Duet for Keys and Valves, for Saxophone and Trumpet (2013)
Claude Bolling: Toot Suite for Trumpet, Jazz Piano, Bass and Drums (1980)
Saint-Saëns: Septet in Eb Major Op. 65 (1879)
Jeffrey LaValley: Revelation 19:1 (1985) (arr. Sarah Owens)


Maria Eshpai
Martin Schuster
Joaquin Duran Rincon
Peter Østergaard
Maria Kolby Sonstad
Frederik Bulow
Agnes Hauge
Aoi Tomioka
Ole Ulvedal

Dina Danialsdottir – and choir!


There will not be tickets for this concert - please come early.
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