Debut Concert – Pasquale Ivan Dante Rinaldi, pop/jazz piano

With this concert pianist Pasquale Ivan Dante Rinaldi makes his debut from the soloist class at RAMA.

“Short Story Long”

What are four years compared to the span of a lifetime? A very short period of time, but in such a short time a lot of things can happen and a lot of things can be told.

For his debut concert, pianist Pasquale Ivan Dante Rinaldi presents his work “Short Story Long” live for the first time. The work is a collection of his experiences in Denmark since he moved here in 2019 to study at the NOMAZZ programme and in the soloist class after that.

This is how Pasquale describes his inspirations: “For the first time in my life I had to face different situation, like being away from my home country and from my loved ones, dealing with panic and anxiety, having to face the real life as an artist and all the struggles that come from the artistic practice.”

The work of Pasquale can be already heard in every streaming platform after the release in March 2024, but this will be the first time the music will be played live.


Pasquale Ivan Dante Rinaldi – Piano and compositions
Thomas Fryland – Trumpet
Philip Akrofi – Double Bass
Gustav Hagelskjæer – Drums

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