Audiovisual teaching material

Assistant Professor Rasmus Birk, lecturer of jazz/pop guitar and ensemble playing at the Academy’s department in Aalborg, has published an audiovisual teaching material for jazz/pop guitar, as a result of a Foku project (Research and artistic/educational development).

The material consists of a series of videos that demonstrate playing techniques in different styles, as well as of lead sheets and of isolated soundtracks of all instruments. Through Youtube and Google drive, the material is made freely available to all interested; for instance, you can record yourself together with selected audio files. The material is primarily aimed at talent classes and conservatory level.

All the pieces are new compositions in their own right, and there is thus also an artistic dimension in the project. The project has been developed and realized in collaboration with Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, which over several years the department in Aalborg has had valuable exchanges with, both online and through mutual visits.

The project can be accessed in its entirety via Rasmus Birk’s website.

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