DKK 350.000 for artistic development project

How can the opera genre continue to develop? And how can an artistic educational institution be part of such a development? Niels Rønsholdt, associate professor of composition at the Academy, is investigating this in a new project that has just received DKK 350,000 from the Ministry of Culture.

Niels Rønsholdt’s opera project is one of 19 art school projects, which have received a total of DKK 7.7 million DKK from the Ministry of Culture’s central fond for artistic development activities.

Through the art schools’ artistic development projects, artistic processes can be part of the knowledge base for artistic educations. The teachers are artists themselves, and by systematically and consciously reflecting on their own practice, they become better able to share insights and experiences with each other, for the benefit of the development of the educations.

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