Panoramafestival – Enraptured by a Kaleidoscope, Decayed by a Storm

Del af Music City Aarhus 2022

Panorama er en årligt tilbagevendende festival for samtidsmusik ved Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium i Aarhus, planlagt og kurateret af de komponiststuderende. I 2022 byder festivalen på fem koncerter i Musikhuset d. 25. til 27. marts, med eksperimenterende musik i mange former, herunder nutidig kammermusik, performanceværker samt elektronisk musik og multimediemusik.

Enraptured by a Kaleidoscope, Decayed by a Storm

Mads Schang: Et uvejr – solo piano (2022)
Experience a rainstorm unfold and settle again within just two minutes.
Mads Schang and Karen Sofie Worre Sørensen, piano

Jacob Ridderberg: Stilstand
Soft, intimate and meditative
Sofie Kirk Østergaard, clarinets – Queralt Adam Colom cello

Mads Schang: Os & kontinuiteten (a demo version) (2022)
This 5-voice vocal piece will examine the concept of time and put musical expression into the more or less obscure logics and terms that explain how time could be comprehended.
Members of Nordisk Vokalensemble.

Isa Lyngborg Ennes: Enraptured. Soprano with Piano accompaniment.
This aria is from an opera in the process, and encaptures the moment of the protagonist’s biggest personal life realisation.
Isa Lyngborg Ennes, soprano – Karen Sofie Worre Sørensen, piano

Isa Lyngborg Ennes: Klaverhygge: Havfruer (2022)
One piano, three players, one hand each. The idea is that those who play the work feel somewhat, a sense of intimacy and take time to listen to the other player’s musical choices in order to help determine their own performing instincts.
Isa Lyngborg Ennes, Mads Schang and Karen Sofie Worre Sørensen, piano

Jacob Ridderberg: Broken Organs – for saxophone quartet
Joaquín Duran Rincon, Mario Romero Madrid , Laura Johansen and Yuhuan Zhou, saxophone

Josuè Blanco: Kaleidoscope – for piano, video and tape
The work presents a correlation between the colors seen in the video, based on images originated with a kaleidoscope, and the notes of the piano. This relationship is established from a synesthetic point of view where each note is related to a specific color.
Jakob Ferdinand Hansen, performer

Jacob Ridderberg: Amplified Repetition / Memory Decay
Intimate and unstable music for five prepared and amplified acoustic guitars.
Elisabeth Rudanovski, Christian Nygaard Krogh Hansen, Rebecca Vats Jonsson, Sebastian Laurentiu and August Frey Lydersen Bjerregaard, guitar

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