Current Resonance: Iyashikei Slow Waltz vs Deepfake Gabber 2: FINAL SEASON

”Current Resonance” er et eksperimenterende komponist/musiker-kollektiv, der udspringer af komponistuddannelsen ved Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium i Aarhus.

Matthew Grouse, der medvirker ved koncerten, studerer komposition på solistniveau på konservatoriet. Han beskriver den aktuelle koncert således:

“Iyashikei Slow Waltz & Deepfake Gabber are Current Resonance coinages which point towards two genres representing contrasting aesthetic trends we identified in 2020.

At last year’s Current Resonance Festival we presented the first edition of ISWvsDFG, showcasing a programme oscillating between quiet and contemplative works, as well as those that are erratic and glitchy. It also featured the two winning pieces selected from our Call for Works, initiated to seek out responses to these invented genres. The call yielded many diverse submissions, encapsulating various aspects of the respective genres.

ISWvsDFG 2: FINAL SEASON is a sequel concert primarily dedicated to showcasing these runners-up from the call.

The programme is followed by a DJ set by Aarhus-based artist Kneegrater.”


Daniel Soley – Socialite [DFG]
Joanna Bailie – Artificial Environment No.8 [ISW]
Daniel Mayer – Matters 6 [DFG]
Aurora Nishevci – Study on Lines [ISW]
Rosemary Elizabeth Shapes Tickle – Confluence: a love song [ISW]
Harry Gorski-Brown – Young Performer Stallion [DFG]
James Lowrie – Chainsmoking;Index: (Final) [ISW]
Kneegrater – DJ Set [DFG]


Matthew Grouse, Michael Hope, Joss Smith

Produced with support from William Demant Fonden and C.A.C Fonden.

Der udstedes ikke billetter til denne koncert – kom i god tid.
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