Current Resonance: Double Duos

Double Duos consists of a series of duets, which represents an overview of the diverse creative and interpretive possibilities provided by various experimental music practices. The presented works explore alternative notation and range from text-based and graphic notation to games, audio scores and video-led audience participation. Many different interpretive possibilities are highlighted by presenting each work in a ‘doubled’ manner – either by performing it twice with different performers, or pairing it with a direct artistic response. Rot Blau, the midpoint of the palindromic programme offers a temporary departure from this established sense of openness, in favour of tightly synchronised physical theatre performed by doppelgängers.

Michael Hope – helpful smAAaAck/comBbiNnEedD sSlurp
Heather Frasche – The sounds of objects help me remember…
Louis d’Heudieres – Laughter Studies 1
Jessie Marino – Rot/Blau
Matthew Grouse – Speak before you think (after Laughter Studies)
Heather Frasche – Remembering with objects
Michael Hope – comBbiNnEedD sSlurp/helpful smAAaAck

Performers – Matthew Grouse, Michael Hope, Dylan Richards, Joss Smith

Produced with support from William Demant Fonden, C.A.C Fonden, and Knud Højgaards Fond.

Arrangementet er gratis, og du kan bare dukke op uden billet. Kom gerne i god tid.

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