Current Resonance: Double Duos

Double Duos consists of a series of duets, which represents an overview of the diverse creative and interpretive possibilities provided by various experimental music practices. The presented works explore alternative notation and range from text-based and graphic notation to games, audio scores and video-led audience participation. Many different interpretive possibilities are highlighted by presenting each work in a ‘doubled’ manner – either by performing it twice with different performers, or pairing it with a direct artistic response. Rot Blau, the midpoint of the palindromic programme offers a temporary departure from this established sense of openness, in favour of tightly synchronised physical theatre performed by doppelgängers.

Michael Hope – helpful smAAaAck/comBbiNnEedD sSlurp
Heather Frasche – The sounds of objects help me remember…
Louis d’Heudieres – Laughter Studies 1
Jessie Marino – Rot/Blau
Matthew Grouse – Speak before you think (after Laughter Studies)
Heather Frasche – Remembering with objects
Michael Hope – comBbiNnEedD sSlurp/helpful smAAaAck

Performers – Matthew Grouse, Michael Hope, Dylan Richards, Joss Smith

Produced with support from William Demant Fonden, C.A.C Fonden, and Knud Højgaards Fond.

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