IM – Jazz/Pop Music (Aalborg)

On the IM programme, you acquire the knowledge, skills, and qualifications necessary to become a musician and music teacher. Taking your musicianship as a starting point, you will be introduced to a broad range of subjects and projects that form the basis for your choice of further studies and future career.

The programme consists of various individual elements as well as general education that is common to all programmes.

As a student at the Aalborg campus, you will become part of an active and very attractive study environment noted for close collaboration across programmes and years.

The facilities at the Aalborg campus are quite unique. The building was inaugurated in 2013, and all rooms are therefore quite new.

Bachelor degree (3 years)

The most important subject in the main study area is Main Instrument/Vocal Studies, whereas the most important study in the Pedagogics area is the music direction subject.

The following are offered as music direction subjects:.

  • Ensemble conducting
  • Innovative Choir Leading
  • Rhythm and Coordination Teaching Practice (SSB)

Part of the main study area is made up of the so-called FLEX subject; an elective course module with elective content.

Examples of use of the course module include joint studies of a music subject with fellow students, extra tuition on the student’s main instrument with the student’s own teacher or another teacher, participation in a course offered elsewhere at the Academy, solo tuition on a related minor instrument, or something else entirely.

The BMus programme includes the following main study areas:

  • Main study area: subjects where the student is a performer as well as subjects that support this aspect
  • Pedagogics: subjects where the student communicates and teaches as well as subjects that support this aspect
  • General studies: elementary support subjects mandatory for all BMus students
  • Entrepreneurial Studies: subjects and projects where students gain experience as entrepreneurs and managers of dynamic processes and acquire career management tools
  • Bachelor project: the project itself as well as guidance and subjects that prepare the student for project work.

Master’s degree (2 years)

The IM MMus programme consists of 3 course elements:

  • Music Performance with Pedagogics:
    The subject focuses on practical music performance. The main focus is the development of the student’s instrument/singing skills or a direction subject (Ensemble Teaching Practice, Rhythm and Coordination Teaching Practice, Choir Conducting, and Children’s Music).
  • Special studies subject:
    The subject encompasses project-oriented and reflected work on a music subject.
    The subject is concluded with a master’s project with an artistic/performative dimension, a communicative and/or pedagogical dimension, and a written reflection (report).
  • Entrepreneurial Studies:
    The subject includes project management, communication of the student’s artistic profile, relations between music industry players, etc.

Soloist programme (2 years)

With an MMus degree, you may apply for the 2-year soloist programme (advanced postgraduate diploma) which may include a period of study abroad. The programme requires an admission test and is concluded with a public concert performance.


The BMus, MMus, and soloist programmes are described in detail in their respective curricula. You can find the relevant curriculum in the general overview of jazz/pop curricula here.