Diploma Course in Innovative Choir Leading


60 ECTS – part-time study

D-RK is intended for teachers, pedagogues and others having a 3-4 year long university education, higher education or other corresponding qualification supported with at least a 2-year professional experience.

The emphasis is on the principal study in rhythmic choir conducting and different supporting subjects such as piano, theory/ear training, dance, choir singing a cappella and with rhythmic group as well as vocal training. The study course is meant to develop the students’ skills, musicianship and pedagogical competences.

About Study Course

The study programme aims at developing pedagogical skills within rhythmic choir conducting. The study programme is based on the professional growth and considers academic competence to be essential for professional skills. The study process takes place in the form of both individual work and in groups of different size.

The main area includes focus on both musical skills and practical pedagogical skills, i.e. to help to express oneself in different, inspiring, precise, recognizable and understandable ways in rhythmic, vocal and musical unity.

Course Structure

The study programme is a part-time study course divided over 4 terms corresponding to one study year of 60 ECTS. The study course will primarily take place at the Academy’s department in Aalborg.

The study course is built up in 3 modules

Module 1: Personal skills and pedagogical practice
Module 2: Personal skills, pedagogical practice and choir arrangement
Module 3: Upgrading of acquired skills with a final project


Diploma in Innovative Choir Leading


Apply online
Application deadline

Electronic application with relevant diplomas must be filled in before the application deadline. After the deadline, you will receive further information about the admission process as well as submission of assignment/video. On 26 April, you will receive a set assignment that must be submitted no later than 4 May. The audition will take place on 14 May via the internet.

All information will be provided via e-mail from Anne Vilsen.

Entrance Auditions

Specially adapted entry auditions must be passed in order to be accepted on the study programme.

A more detailed description of admission requirements for entry examinations may be found here.

Campus dates

Dates for campus.

Tuition Fees

The total cost for the study course is DKK 47 600 according to Danish legislation on higher education. The Academy reserves the rights to change the study fees on a regular basis.

Exemption Rights

If you have completed an academic theory course (9 ECTS) at UC or CVU, you are able to apply for exemption. With exemption the study fee is reduced with DKK 6 700.

Additional Information on Study Programme

Professor Jim Daus Hjernøe