The entry audition is organized in such a way that it will give the broadest possible image of the musical background and pedagogical skills of the applicant. Parts of the audition will take place via the internet, as a part of the education will be via internet where students and teachers from different countries meet.

Main subject audition in Innovative Choir Leading

The audition is a video documenting the applicant’s work with a vocal ensemble, consisting of at least 8 singer and 3 voices.


a) Detail work (e.g. phrasing, dynamic, sound, groove) of an already rehearsed piece of music.

b) Set mini assignment for rehearsal (one week of preparation).

Admission requirements

Two unedited recordings with fixed cameras in HD quality and with good sound in stereo.

  1. One camera showing the audition from an audience’s point of view.
  2. One camera showing the conductor from the side in full figure.

No later than two weeks prior to the deadline, the applicant submits his/her thoughts concerning planning and content of the main subject audition. Copy of the material (scores, lyrics, etc.) to be used for the audition must be submitted as a pdf.

Total duration of exam/video: 20 minutes.

The date and format/platform for upload is set by the Student Administration Office.

Internal marking. Grade.

Interview, singing and piano

An interview with the applicants based on the submitted material will take place via internet.

In connection with the interview, a test in piano and singing will be conducted.


  1. A self-chosen song to own accompaniment on piano.
  2. A rhythmic piano piece (no singing) of own choice
  3. Prima Vista Figuration accompaniment, sight reading and singing.


A piano, computer with headset and webcam as well as a cabled high speed internet connection (not WiFi) must be available.

Duration: 45 minutes

Internal marking. Pass/fail.