VAGUE // Sophia Sagaradze

Spatialised live-performance with a cello and 41 speakers

The Composition ”VAGUE” is about one’s decentralised perception of the universe. The solo live-performance sonically creates the subjective comprehension of reality and of illusion/imaginary world. Surround audio setup aids in creating a whole atmosphere (a world) around the listener, analogous to our minds.

During the performance, the cello is used in an unconventional way. Everything in ‘VAGUE” is the live manipulation of a single sound source and the implementation of spatial processes into the composition from aesthetical and technical perspectives.

Live produced/processed sound is distributed in multichannel setup at Klubscenen (41 speakers) using different panning techniques.

The audience is seated on the floor on the yoga mats. The line between the stage and audience will disappear and the listener will stay inside the meditative space, where 3D moving sound will create an intimate, immersive environment around the listener.

There will not be tickets for this concert - please come early.
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