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A kaleidoscopic arrangement of works touching on various aspects of the duality between the inner and outer. Sonic allusions to displaced phenomena: wind – labyrinths – alienation – embodiment – indoor rain – sympathetic shivers. Beginning inside Klubscenen with electronic and spatialized works before moving out to Kammermusiksalen for a second half that culminates with an Icelandic vocal deluge in Hjalti Nordal’s Umbót.

Teemu Mastovaara [FI] Il pleut à l’intérieur

Mattias Hållsten [SE] Hypothermia

Percussion: Jose Silva

Fritiof Palm [SE] Kroppsupptagning

Martin Langerød [NO] Phases

Percussion: Note Sjøgren
Electronics: Martin Langerød

Birgit Djupedal [NO] I am not Welcome

Voice: Marcela Lucatelli


Christoffer Håård [SE] Vindil

Accordion: Jónas Ásgeirsson

Martin Korssletten [NO] Le Labyrinthe

Violin: Anna Jalving
Clarinet: Fatima Trives
Percussion: Hsiao-Tung Yuan

Fredrik Storsveen [NO] VVVVV

Violin: Anna Jalving, Julija Morgan, Tove Bagge
Viola: Pauline Hogstrand
Cello: Ida Nørby

Leevi Räsänen [FI] the impossibility of committing to this

Guitar: Mikkel Egelund, Simon Wildau, Karol Mruk


Hjalti Nordal [IS] Umbót

Conductor: Tom Goff
Soprano: Thorgunnur Ornolfsdóttir, Josefine Weber Hansen
Alto: Beatriz Gijón, Bára Gísladóttir
Tenor: Jónas Àsgeirsson, Connor McLean
Bass: Sebastian Brix, Gustav Johannson
Percussion: Antoine Josselin
Piano: Rob Durnin
Cello: Malte Vorfing

Photo by Gert Sørensen

UNM Festival 2021

Ung Nordisk Musik is an annual festival presenting the youngest generation of Nordic composers and sound artists. In addition to presenting their works, the festival offers artists the opportunity to share experiences and network across borders. Each year the festival rotates to another country (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland) and is produced by that country’s UNM board. Read more.


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