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A kaleidoscopic arrangement of works touching on various aspects of the duality between the inner and outer. Sonic allusions to displaced phenomena: wind – labyrinths – alienation – embodiment – indoor rain – sympathetic shivers. Beginning inside Klubscenen with electronic and spatialized works before moving out to Kammermusiksalen for a second half that culminates with an Icelandic vocal deluge in Hjalti Nordal’s Umbót.

Teemu Mastovaara [FI] Il pleut à l’intérieur

Mattias Hållsten [SE] Hypothermia

Percussion: Jose Silva

Fritiof Palm [SE] Kroppsupptagning

Martin Langerød [NO] Phases

Percussion: Note Sjøgren
Electronics: Martin Langerød

Birgit Djupedal [NO] I am not Welcome

Voice: Marcela Lucatelli


Christoffer Håård [SE] Vindil

Accordion: Jónas Ásgeirsson

Martin Korssletten [NO] Le Labyrinthe

Violin: Anna Jalving
Clarinet: Fatima Trives
Percussion: Hsiao-Tung Yuan

Fredrik Storsveen [NO] VVVVV

Violin: Anna Jalving, Julija Morgan, Tove Bagge
Viola: Pauline Hogstrand
Cello: Ida Nørby

Leevi Räsänen [FI] the impossibility of committing to this

Guitar: Mikkel Egelund, Simon Wildau, Karol Mruk


Hjalti Nordal [IS] Umbót

Conductor: Tom Goff
Soprano: Thorgunnur Ornolfsdóttir, Josefine Weber Hansen
Alto: Beatriz Gijón, Bára Gísladóttir
Tenor: Jónas Àsgeirsson, Connor McLean
Bass: Sebastian Brix, Gustav Johannson
Percussion: Antoine Josselin
Piano: Rob Durnin
Cello: Malte Vorfing

Photo by Gert Sørensen


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