An Evening with Trumpet

The concert is free, but a ticket and a valid Corona pass are required.

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Student concert with a mixed program.

Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770): Concerto in D Major (originally for violin & orchestra).
Movements 1: Grandioso; 2: Andante.
Sarah Owens – trumpet

Johan Nepomunk Hummel (1778-1837): Trumpet Concerto in E flat;
1, 2 movements
Lloyd Griffin – trumpet

Henry Maury (1834 -1884): Solo de concours no.4
Jonatan Bo – trumpet

Henri Büsser (1872 – 1973): Variations en Ré Bémol pour Cornet a Pistons en Si
Sam Thompson – trumpet

Paul Hindemith (1895-1963): Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (1939)
Mässig Beweg III. Trauermusik – Alle menschen müssen sterben
Pietro Narese – trumpet

Henrich Sutermeister (1910-1995): Gavotte de Concert
Lloyd Griffin – trumpet

Maria Eshpai – Klaver

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