Final in Soloist Competition

No audiencce at the concert. But everyone can follow the competition via the Facebook event.


11.05: Valdemar Ulrikkeholm – flute
CPE Bach: Koncert i d-mol Wq 22/H 426
Akk. Maren Marie Tange

11.20: Ivan Gomez – Maria Pardo – clarinet
F. Krommer: Koncert for to klarinetter og orkester nr. 2 Op. 91
Akk. Maren Marie Tange

11.40: Jonathan Henneveld – bass trombone
Ernst Sachse: Concertino for Bas Trombone
Akk. David Strong

12.00 (Video): Kristina Thede Johansen – saxofon
Santiago Báez: Rapsodía Andaluza
Akk. Aya Tominaga

There will not be tickets for this concert - please come early.
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